A fortnightly publication for and about the community of Rakaia.

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The Rakaia News is a publication that began in 1997 from an idea to being put into full force. Claire Gardiner kindly put the first year’s publications together giving Jeanette Watts and Raylene Burrowes some anxious moments with last-minute deadlines. The Burrowes allowed the Rakaia News to be printed in their office and, for many years, allowed their various printers to be used to churn out the fortnightly publication. 

The publication has to be self-sustaining and that is still the principle on which it is run today. As technology has advanced so the Rakaia News has embraced new ways of doing things. The publication is only as good as those who provide the content; from the outset, we have had School and Church News, Sports Results, Police Reports, Councillor’s Comments, “Did you Know” historical tidbits, Legal advice, Real Estate helpful information, Volunteer Fire Brigade Reports.


What we have in Rakaia is community focused news, calendared upcoming gatherings and events along with highlights of the goings-on in this amazing little town. 

The Rakaia News is published fortnightly and has a focus on local content for the local community.

We value our advertisers who enable the publication of this valuable community resource.

The Rakaia News has a distribution of 1530 households in and around the Rakaia area with a potential readership of 7,000.


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Neil Pluck RCA President

A Message from RCA Chairman

Neil Pluck is the Rakaia Community Association Chairman and has a wealth of experience in Rakaia and in the Community Association having been a second generation family member to be involved in the RCA.

Past Issues of the Rakaia News

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If you would like to advertise with  us we welcome your email and any enquiry.


Do you have a question, maybe it has been asked before, if not send us an email.

About the Rakaia News

The Rakaia News is a sub committee of the Rakaia Community Association.

I would like to advertise in the Community Classifieds?

If you are a local and would like to advertise something in the classifieds section of the Rakaia News you have several options:

1. Ring Kristin on 027 298 6110  or email contact@rakaianew.co.nz to assess the size requirements and subsequent cost.  NB: Small run-on-size community ads are (usually) approximately $17.50 +GST

2. Email us on contact@rakaianews.co.nz and make an online payment to 12-3271-0028172-54 RCA, in the particulars please put the issue number and your name.

I would like to advertise in the Rakaia News?

We love our Advertisers and welcome an email to Kristin at contact@rakaianews.co.nz.

I would like to nominate a Good Sorts?

Please email us your suggestions. Please provide a little bit of information about the person, name, what they have been doing and how they have improved the life of your organisation and the community. We look forward to thanking them for their contribution to Rakaia.

Our organisation requires additional volunteers?

If your organisation, club, or group is in need of assistance please let us know and we will place the call out in the ‘Ways to Get Involved’ section on page 2 or 3 of the Rakaia News and let others know how they can join in and make new friends, assist and make a difference.

I have experienced a delivery issue?

Just in case you didn’t get your Rakaia News delivered for some reason, spare copies are held at the Rakaia Mobil and the Rakaia Four Square.

But please email Kristin at contact@rakaianews.co.nz to let her know and we can track back to ensure it doesn’t occur again. Thank you.

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Rakaia News ~ A sub committee of the Rakaia Community Association.

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